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10 surprising facts about dogs

The vast majority of us may have to deal with dogs almost daily, even if they are people who prefer not to breed them, but what if you discover that there are some amazing facts about this animal except for its rare loyalty to its owners, you certainly did not know whether you are a lover Dog breed or not?


1- Anxiety

Did you know that your dog has problems with anxiety and thinking? Yes, here's an amazing way to get him to get rid of this harmful habit, which is to provide him with a piece of clothing that smells like you.

2- Shaking

 The tail is the most popular and important way for dogs when communicating, as it is their own language. This movement represents different types of feelings in dogs, and clarifies some cases, such as whether the dog is nervous, playful, or strange.

3- Blood pressure

Did you know that when you court your dog and play with him, this activity reduces blood pressure more than it does when dealing with other people, and this is proven by some scientific research.

4- Dog nose

Some people wonder why the dog's nose is always wet? The answer is to help them exercise their sense of smell better, as this wet layer on his nose helps absorb all the chemicals in the atmosphere, which would prevent him from inhaling and distinguishing odors.

5- Nasalnose

capillaries The few capillaries in the dog’s help to "see" more clearly. It can feel the slight changes in air pressure and can also help them move around at night.

6- Dogs that do not bark

There is a breed of dogs known as (Basingi) that do not bark at all! This is due to the specialists ’interpretation of the shape of its vocal apparatus, which is completely different from other dogs.

7- Sensing the smell

Dogs are known to be able to sense the smell more than 10 million times as much as a person, and this makes them the best option in police patrols while searching for drug traffickers and chasing them.

8- Surface of the nose

The area of ​​the nose surface of dogs is characterized by being the most sensitive area of ​​smell, so dogs remain licking their noses until the odor particles are transported on the surface.

9- Jealousy

In a study by scientists from the University of California, it turns out that dogs can become very jealous if they see their human friends showing some interest or affection towards something or another person.

10- Colors

There is a common misconception that dogs can only see black and white completely wrong, but dogs can see any number of colors specified in their surroundings.




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