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The most expensive 10 dogs in the world

dog is the best friend so many people try to bring a puppy from a dog shelter and try to give her a home and good care.


But if you want to breed and train a thoroughbred dog to participate in dog competitions, be

prepared to spend a little money first. Getting a dog during your life can cost

you thousands of dollars as you need to pay for vaccines, food and pet

supplies. The price of the purebred dog is usually dependent on the purity of

the breed. In this article, we will show you the most expensive 10 dogs in the

world with pictures. 

The price of the dog can be approximately $ 10,000.

Do they really deserve this price?


1. Greyhound - About  2,500$


They called the Royal Dog in Egypt. They were the best human friends since the days of the Pharaohs.

Merchants on the ancient Silk Road in China and hunters who hunt deer and

rabbits are known to have used greyhounds, making it one of the oldest domesticated dog breeds. Greyhound is distinguished by long, thin and soft fur, which can weigh up to 25 kg, a dog of an independent, conservative nature. A grayhound also needs a lot of exercise, which is why it is a suitable breed for active people who do not leave their dog for long periods at home and spend most of their time with a dog.


2. Peruvian Inca Orchid- up to  3000$

Peruvian Inca Orchid is very

Strange because it is free Completely out of hair, but has some random hairs on

the head and feet. His skin color is usually gray with slight variations of

chocolate or copper. In some dogs, the area of ​​the legs has some points.

Peruvian Inca Orchid is found in three sizes, ranging from 4 kg in small dogs

to 23 kg in large dogs. Since it is without hair the skin of the Peruvian Inca

Orchid needs great care to protect it from sunburn, but during the winter you

will need to purchase heavy coats to keep this dog from the cold.


3. Pichon Frize - More than 3000


Pichon The word Pichon means "little lion" in German. Pichon dogs are small, no longer than 35 cm, and weigh about 7.5 kg in males.

Pichon is a rare dog and a few of it is

offered for sale every year in dog breeding clubs all over the world. The

Pichon dog was a best friend of the royal family in Germany and France in the

Middle Ages in the past. The Pichon is fun and friendly, and they love children

a lot, so they are the perfect companion for your kids.


4. Breeding Dog - More than  3,000$

Breeding Dogs is one of the few

rare African breeds available for purchase in the United States and Canada. The

African nomadic tribes were originally raising them in the Azawakh region, and

they trained them in hunting and guarding. It can be faster than greyhound and

up to 40 mph in speed. For this reason, the Zouachs are trained to hunt

fast-running animals such as deer and rabbits. A dog with a stooge is brave and

has the ability to hunt large animals. This rare long breed has a few colors

like sandy or brown, and it takes a lot of exercise as well as love from the

owner to be happy.



5. Akita Dog - About  4,500$


Akita Dogs are famous because

They have appeared in many Hollywood movies and have become widely known in the

recent period through the popular "doge meme". Its origins are in

northern Japan and there are two different types of this strain: Japanese and

American. The authentic Japanese variety is the most expensive. Akita dogs look

and feel similar to Siberian Husky dogs. It is a heavy dog ​​with a large head

and thick double fur, which makes it a suitable pet at low temperatures. Like

many cats, this type of dog is eager to clean themselves after eating.



6. Rottweiler - more than 6000


butchers are the ones who have

trained Rottweiler dogs to pull meat-packed wagons to the market. This is why

they are called butcher's dogs. It was also used to protect stores. The

Rottweiler is a powerful and smart dog. Its weight can reach about 53 kg and

protects its owner without fear of enemies. Because they are distinguished in

the protection and guarding process they must be trained early in life,

although Hollywood has made the Rottweiler strain look like an aggressive and

violent breed, but in reality it can be a good pet with enough love and




7. The Pharaonic Hound - more than 6,500


The Hound is not the national

dog of Egypt. This dog has royal appearances, athletic strength, and good

intelligence. The Pharaoh Hound has a red layer of fur and can weigh up to

about 23 kg. Females can reach about 53 cm in length, and males about 63 cm.

Pharaohs are inherently independent and stubborn in nature, and therefore can

be difficult to train.

8. Tibetan Mastiff Dog- More than 700$

Tibetan Mastiff Dog is one of the

The largest breeds of dogs, and its origins are in China and Nepal. It can reach 83

cm in length and weigh approximately 65 kg. Originally Tibetan mastiff dogs

were trained to protect homes from wolves and leopards. Tibetan mastiff is a

Dog of strong will and characterized by stubbornness, and therefore difficult

to train. In 2013, a rare Tibetan $ 1.9 million red was purchased in China.



9. Samoy Dog Between 4000 and 10,000 dollars

Samoy dog ​​is dog whose name belongs to the Samoy tribe in Siberia, who originally trained this dog to reindeer and pull sleds. Thus, samoyed dogs can be compared to strains such as the Siberian Husky that thrive in low temperatures. Males from samoy dogs can weigh up to 27 kg. Of course he is a tough and tough dog, but he is friendly. Since this dog's hair is characterized by its hypoallergenic properties, its hair is used to make scarves and gloves in some parts of the world.

10. The Czechoslovak fark dog - up to  1,400$

 This dog arose by between Carpathian wolves

and German Shepherd dogs, also called Czechoslovakia, if you want to get these dogs you may have to travel to the Czech Republic as it is mostly available in these areas only. A

Czechoslovakian fark dog wolf, has an active and energetic personality, a very

social dog but can be trained as a youngster to live with a family, and rarely

barks while he is an expert in body language reading.



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