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Top 10 facts you know about cats

To cat lovers: Top 10 facts you know about cats

That cats are one of the nicest pets that kept lots of people to buy them and bred, and despite the spread and diversity cats and knowledge many us some information about Cats are ways of raising them and their different types and feeding them, but there are many facts that we do not know about, and we will present in this article the 10 most important facts you do not know about cats.


1)  Man has domesticated cats for nearly 5,000 years

in the month of December 2013 found scientists in a village in China The bones of the cats, and by analyzing them, they found that they had fed on grains and that their history dates back to 5,000 years. The tooth sample showed that the cats lived to a large dental stage, which means that humans have domesticated cats since that date.

2)  The cat meow simulates the crying of children.

are several voices issued by cats, but in a study conducted in 2009 it appeared that the meow of cats is the method that cats use in dealing with humans, and it thus mimics the crying of children who cry until they get their purpose, but only do so when they communicate with humans.

3) Cats do not taste sweets.

Cats cannot taste sweet foods like other animals because they lack the dessert-tasting center. Scientists believe that this is due to the fact that cats were feeding on meat and therefore there was no need for them to taste sweets.



4) Abraham Lincoln loved cats

Abraham Lincoln was Lover of dogs, but he was lover unusually for cats is first US president allow cats live in the White House, where he had four special cats and when asked his wife about his hobbies she replied: “Cats” where Lincoln spent hours with his cats.


5)  The names of the cat groups

Each group of cats has its own name, where the group of small cats is called kindle and the group of large or adult cats is named CLOWDER



6) Great Britain has nearly Out of 100,000 cats

where Mrs. Elizabeth II may be the Catwoman in the world, where the British government feeds and nurtures 100,000 cats as they have an important role in achieving environmental balance by eliminating mice.



7) Teens for cats

The way to calculate the age of a cat is completely different from the human being, since the cat grows rapidly during the first months and a year of age. The cat is here in adolescence, and reaches the stage of maturity that is equivalent to 15 years. From the age of a person when it becomes 2 years old, each year of the cats age equals approximately 4 years of a persons life.



8) The cat glows under the black ligh,

as the cat's body and some fluids, such as urine and proteins, increase the phosphorous level, which makes it light when exposed to ultraviolet rays, or as it is calledblack light.”




9)  The Color distinction

cat has two eyes Two wonderful visions enable them to see at night, as they only need a sixth of the light a person needs in order to be able to see.



10)         Cats can feel how you feel

are smart and quick-witted animals, and they can thus tell from the tone of your voice whether you are angry or happy. Try to speak to the cat with a different tone of voice than usual and you will be surprised by its reaction to it, and it can also predict Tremors.


We hope that we have added some additional information about your cats and the facts about  them.



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