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The Titanic

موضوع عن سفينة تايتنك

the Titanic

It is a giant English passenger ship, built in (Harland & Wolf Shipyard in Belfast) on the thirty first day of March 1911 AD, and it was considered one of the largest ships in the world that was dedicated to transporting passengers.

Many well-known engineers contributed to building the ship, and the most modern technologies were used in its construction. It was provided with the highest safety standards, as they believed at the time that the Titanic never sank, despite its huge size and accuracy. However, it sank on its first trip from London to New York across the Atlantic, specifically four days after its launch.

Titanic Specifications

§  The Titanic Specifications include:

§  The length of the Titanic is equal to the length of the Empire State Building.

§  The Titanic consumed 825 tons of coal per day.

§  The amount of cargo on the Titanic vessel amounted to five hundred tons of luggage and others.

§  The Titanic contained the whistles heard over eleven miles.

§  The Titanic carried 20 lifeboats, although it was designed to carry 48 lifeboats.

§  The Titanic was designed with three chimneys, the fourth one at the rear. To give the ship a wonderful view, and to use it as an outlet for the shipwreck.

The story of the sinking of the Titanic ship

 Sets the date for the start of the journey aboard the ship on the fourth of October in 1914 AD, where the fateful accident occurred on the evening of the fourteenth of April AD; As the ship crashed into the iceberg, and after two and a half hours after the impact that occurred at 23:40 minutes, the ship splits into two halves, which led to its complete sinking, and that happened at 2:20 minutes on Monday morning, and it was mentioned that the iceberg That caused the ship to sink from the smallest icebergs surrounded by it; It did not exceed 100 feet above the ocean level; That is, it spanned five hundred feet under the ocean, according to the goals of one of the survivors of the Titanic ship. Forty passengers; This is because the ship was not equipped with a sufficient number of lifeboats for passengers, as the lifeboat load was sufficient to carry only a thousand and one hundred people, but a large number of men died due to their priority being given to women and children in the rescue.

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