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The strangest 5 types of dogs in the world

Welcome today, in the paragraph of the strangest 5 types of dogs in the world with fictional and rare specifications, leaving a lot of commotion on social media pages, as it has very strange forms that do not resemble with other dogs or rather is what makes it distinct from among its peers that differ from the largest in size to The youngest to launch, passing by the muscular to the most expensive dogs in the world and with strange shapes ... We leave you with: 




First: The Wendy:

 The wendy is one of the dogs that caused a sensation in social networking sites and is a brawny dog ​​as it shows its image and is resident She has a lady in Canada and it seems that she is leading a very normal life among her family and her lady acknowledges that her shape is due to the rare genetic characteristics she was created with, which led to the emergence of her muscles in a very striking way. 

Second: Adoptive Trojans: 

It is the most expensive dog in the world, with an average value of 582,000. It is dense and large hair, but it is a pet dog and it has many other colors. A white adoptive dog is one of the rarest types of dogs and the most expensive of them at all. 

Third: Commando dog: 

It is one of the most unusual dogs, as its shape does not seem to be familiar with launching with a lot of hair that resembles animated films. I never thought it was a dog, but it is one of the kinder dogs, especially the direction of its breeds, which is abundant in Hungary and it does not tolerate hot areas. Due to the density of his hair.

Fourth: Chihuahua dog: 

Now with one of the smallest dogs in the world, since the Chihuahua dog does not exceedweight 3 kg inand is a very fun dog and one of the most beautiful pets affiliates this dog Chihuahua is a Mexican city and he makes his name take from it  


Fifth: Caucasian dog:


it is One of the largest types of dogs and the fiercest at launch, as it appears to be a lion at first sight, and it is one of the dogs that are used in the army or other missions.



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