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The most complete 6 dogs in the world

Akita dog is known to be one of the most powerful dogs in the world, due to the story of the Japanese dog called "Hachiko", which is a breed of Akita that is known for his loyalty; When its owner passed away, this dog stayed for the rest of his life in the railway station, waiting for him to arrive at the place where the dog used to meet him at the end of the day.


Golden Retriever dog is characterized as one of the most intelligent and most intelligent breeds, in addition to the stability of its mood, smiling face, and the beauty of its fur, and this dog is considered one of the best-loved dogs for children, as it is compatible with new people and exotic dogs.


Yorkshire Terriers dogs are small, elegant, and loyal to their loved ones. This breed is known as one of the most popular breeds in the world today, in addition to being loved due to its small size, and can also be carried in elegant handbags. Small clothes can also be worn.


Newfoundland dogs are distinguished by the fact that they possess the spirit of hard work and decent and gentle behavior, in addition to being faithful, smart, and very loyal, as they are considered excellent working dogs and this dog is distinguished as a calm and gentle companion, and this breed is known as a breed that they respond well to training, and proper socialization and training are important factors in raising them. Because of its size, and to increase the owner's ability to control it.


Poodle dogs In addition to their cute appearance and distinctive haircut, they are smart, cute, and loyal dogs, and they are obedient, adventurous, and easy to move dogs, and although they are shy with strangers, they are well compatible with familiar people and children.


Bulldogs Bulldog is characterized by being obedient, loyal, friendly and loyal dogs, as this dog can live in large houses and small apartments, and is nice and friendly with external visitors and other pets; So it is considered a social dog.



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