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The benefits of raising cats at home and foods that are forbidden to be presented to cats

The benefits of raising cats at home

Cats are among the animals that fall under the feline family and are mammals, and can be classified as a list of pets that can be raised at home, and they have the talent of hunting and predation of insects and rodents, and they are known for their love of sleeping in places exposed to sunlight, and add joy in the hearts of people, all of those Traits drive some to raise them at home, so what is the benefit of this step?


Great benefits for raising cats at home



1)    cats are animals that do not need much effort and their requirements are very limited, as it suffices to sit and get a massage for its body, and this movement releases a hormone in the human body that relaxes the nerves and makes one feel happy.

2)    Scientists have pointed out that raising cats reduces the risk of heart attacks, and it also improves the level of the immune system in the human body.

3)    Playing with cats helps the child to improve his psyche, as he feels the presence of companionship at home that coexists with him, so raising cats can go into treating some psychological problems in children, such as feeling depressed and alone.

4)    it teaches the child to take responsibility, and it works to improve the child's morals, because he learns how to deal gently and softly with other creatures, and reduces violence and roughness.

5)    Cats are cute animals that help a person to have fun and entertainment at home, because they are objects that love fun and play a lot, so you can play with them at the lowest costs, such as a rope, or even a rubber toy.

6)    Keep the house from rodents, such as mice, and other insects, as they are known as hunting animals.

7)    Raising cats teaches the child to adhere to and care for others; Because it needs cleaning and a feeding regime, the child adheres to simple daily tasks for the health of his cat.

It is worth noting that there are some foods that are forbidden to be presented to cats in order to maintain their health from diseases:

·        Onions and garlic.

·        Raw meat.

·        Raisins, grapes, mangoes and fruits that contain large amounts of sugars.

·        Chocolate, ice cream and candy.

·        Milk containing lactose.

·        Raw eggs

·        Bones, as well as fatty food.




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