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Learn the 10 strangest facts of astronauts life in the Zero Gravity Zone

Many watch astronauts on television as they swim in outer space and how they fly in space, but few People know a number of everyday experiences experienced by astronauts which We practice it on the surface of the earth on a daily and regular basis.

Let's get a quick tour of ten facts about the weightlessness in space experienced by astronauts.


1- Astronauts do not change their clothes for a long time


as clothes are not washed on the International Space Station due to the lack of water, which causes the astronauts to wear their clothes and pouch for a long time that may reach a full month.


The thing that we do on an almost daily basis in our daily life is a change of clothes, which the pioneers practice once a month sometimes, because the air and the general atmosphere within the station are almost complete cleanliness.


Scientists are also developing an anti-microbial substance that keeps clothes clean, especially underwear, to prevent allergic reactions in some places due to their long wearing.


2 - Crying is uncomfortable


, as crying is an unpopular process in space, as tears are not released on the cheeks but rather, on the contrary, where they accumulate around the eyeball and cause burning in the eyes as the volume of tears increases.


Tears are removed with a special towel, and pioneers are given a special ointment to moisturize the area around the eye.



3- Astronauts do not only eat from the juices (tubes) as it is common for many,


They also eat fruits, vegetables and cakes that are shipped to the space station, but there is no salt and pepper for fear of spreading in the air and entering the eyes of the astronauts.


4- Sleeping horizontally and upside down


where the astronauts sleep in special sleeping units and special sleeping bags are installed on the walls, where they can choose the way they want to sleep.


One of the exciting things is the presence of a fan placed over the head of the astronauts during their sleep to remove the carbon dioxide that is expelled from the body during the exhalation process so as not to cause major asphyxia.


5- The skin in the ankle area becomes tender.


Given the lack of walking on a hard area like the surface of the earth, there is no pressure on the ankle area, which leads to the transformation of the skin in that area to become tender.


Therefore, it is advised that when replacing socks, pioneers remove them slowly, so that dead skin does not spread everywhere.


6- Astronauts do not bathe


in the space station, no one takes a bath, where the astronauts are provided with a wet towel, soapy water is mixed on them and the astronauts wipe their body in a way very slowly so as not to spread in the air.


7 - Hair clipper is connected to a vacuum cleaner,


where the pioneers use a special scissors connected with a vacuum cleaner to prevent the spread of hair cut in the cabin.


8 - Training the pioneers to go to the toilet starts from the ground


where the pioneers undergo training sessions in order to go to the toilet in a correct way, and use the belts when they sit in the bathroom and deal with the lack of water to drain the waste.


9- Bloating and stomach gases are a serious problem


as they prevent the foods that cause bloating not only because of the smell of unpleasant gases, but also the spread of methane and hydrogen gases that are produced by the human body, which may cause an explosion.


10 - In space, exercise should


Cause zero gravity causing a lot of problems to the circulatory system, which calls on the astronauts to devote two and a half hours a day of their time to sports.


Where the space station contains a number of sports devices that the astronauts use, especially those that use legs, to prevent problems in them and muscle atrophy



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