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Information about Dwarves

معلومات عن الأقزم

Dwarves, or pygmies, are individuals whose adult male length is not more than one hundred and thirty centimeters, and an adult woman whose length does not exceed one hundred and twenty-one centimeters, and are distinguished by their round heads, large noses, the color of their dark blackish-yellow skin, and their curled hair with a touch Sufi, as well as lack of hair on their body and faces. 

Often the short stature is due to a pathological condition resulting from a decrease in the percentage of hormones secreted from both the pituitary and thyroid gland, and this pathological problem often accompanies some symptoms; Such as premature aging, fatigue, loss of proportion in the body, as well as the persistence of natures and childhood movements, until reaching puberty. 

There are many dwarf groups, grouping between the two latitudes five north and south of the equator, and these groups live in some Asian regions, some islands of the Pacific and Indian Oceans called the Asian dwarf, and African groups live in dense rain forests, in Cameroon, Burundi, Gabon, and Congo, And the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guinea, Uganda and Central Africa, and they are called dwarfs of Africa, and it is worth noting that the number of dwarves is approximately 150 thousand dwarves, most of whom speak Bantu.


Kind of The dwarves 


·       Asian dwarfs

 divide the Tabiru, and they live in New Ghinia, and some areas of Melanesia, such as the Bismarck Archipelago, Caledonian, Solomon Islands, Fiji, and Vanuatu, and they have thick black hair spread over the body and face, their broad heads and noses, and their thick inverted loops, in addition to their skin Yellowish brown. 

Simangs, they live extensively in Malay, southern Thailand, eastern Sumatra, and their clan is small, as they number no more than thirty individuals.

 Totemism and spirits, and their magicians occupy a distinct economic and social center, characterized by their short, flat noses, thick lips, and broad heads as much as 75%.

The dwarves of the Andaman Islands, who live in the Bay of Bengal, are distinguished by the width of their heads and faces, their height not exceeding 148 centimeters, as well as their full lips, straight noses, and small hands, and it should be noted that the parts of their body are somewhat proportionate.


 The Elateia live on the Philippine island of Luzon, which is no more than 146 centimeters in length. Their hair is black, thick, and widely spread on both the body and the face, and their nose is broad, flat, and their head is wide. 

·        African dwarves

East Dwarves are known as the Bambute, and they live in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and it is called the Ituri Basin. 


Western dwarves live in the tropical forests of both Cameroon and the Congo. Examples include the Binga banga.

 The middle dwarves live in the Congon Basin region, and these dwarves form a wall separating the eastern dwarves and the western dwarfs. Among the most prominent of their group are the Twa, who are the shortest human group, as the length of their adult members ranges from 129 to 132 centimeters.





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