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10 surprising facts you did not know about Hitler

The majority knows that Adolf Hitler was a dictator, a bloody and a weirdo, but still there is a lot of information that many do not know about him, we review here 10 of them, according to what documented by more than one site and historian, quoting close to Hitler or those who lived with him, including a site British history:

1. He was a lover of Disney

despite what was known about his harsh heart and cold. He knew about Hitler's love for the characters of The Walt Disney Company cartoon, especially the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs series. He was also known about his jealousy of the Americans for their ability to produce this kind of fee. At a time when German painters were unable to do so, and his love for the Snow White series was precisely because it was inspired by German folk tales.

2. He hated football


even though it was a popular sport, but Hitler hated soccer, and the legend says that he attended a single match that brought his country together with the Norway national team, and when the Norwegians scored a goal, Hitler became angry and got out of the stands and did not see a match in his life after that .

3. Image ... The sound


Hitler was obsessed with his image in front of the public, and he imposed control on every recording of him, and he prevented the recording of his regular voice in any way, and the only place where he heard his voice was in his well-known fiery speeches.

4. He established a Nazi Nobel Prize

in 1935, and an anti-Nazi writer won the Nobel Peace Prize, which angered Hitler and pushed him to prevent his creators from accepting any other Nobel Prize. In parallel, he created a German Nobel Prize he called the “German National Prize” which he won 9 scholars and creators between two years 1937 and 1939 to stop after that because of the war.


5. He escaped death several times.


myths about Hitler survived after being rescued more than once. He was rescued from drowning and was four years old by a priest. He was wounded several times in the battles of World War I, and confronted with a British soldier, but The latter not only refused to kill him, but also let him flee and was said to have brought him to safety.

6. A chaotic family tree


Genealogists and historians are puzzled before Hitler's strange family tree, there are inconsistencies in spelling the names of his family and relatives, and there are questions about who his grandfather was and about the threads of brotherhood and interrelated lineages, and other chaotic obstacles in the history of the family.

7. A homeless orphan


boy lived a lost life. He was born from a third marriage after his father grew old and no longer interested in raising children, to live a life full of neglect and chaos, and his father died then his mother died and left the boy facing life alone and turns into a dictator.

8. Pictures in strange situations


after his release from prison Adolf Hitler was intent on investing his rhetorical abilities to expand his influence and popularity, and he needed more to develop his body language, so he hired a photographer to take pictures of him during his training on the speech in order to control the movements of his face and hands, but the pictures show face movements He owes strange things every time.

9. Vegetarian and maniac and pharmacy


Adolf Hitler was not infected with paranoia in everything related to his image and voice only, but he was also obsessed with everything related to food, and he hated modern art, cosmetics and animal products and he refrained from eating nuts as well, as he was addicted to all medicines, And the novel says that he reached a degree with which every disease in his body became a medicine until his pharmacy reached nearly ninety medications.


10. History of his mustache


In the past, the fashion was a wide drinker, similar to a bicycle handlebar, but it was not practical for Hitler, as it was difficult to be comfortable under a gas mask, so he trimmed it from the sides and the mustache became a rectangular shape whose signature it is known to even Today.




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